Online Giving

Procedure for making online payments to Floyd Baptist Church:

  1.  Set up online banking with your local bank (there should be no charge for this) and set up bill pay.
  2. Type in name, address, amount of monthly payment and date you want it paid to the church.
  3. Select recurring payment if you wish to or make a one time gift.
  4. Enter in the memo if there's a particular account you want to designate.

There is no charge to you or the church to do this.  Carter, Skyline and Union Banks all offer this service.

Benefits to the church:

No extra cost involved and no real change in record keeping.  Checks will still be mailed to the church.  (Credit card and automatic drafts carry a 3% charge as a processing fee.)

Benefits to donors:

No extra costs or fees.

Allows payments to be set up with other monthly bills or allows one time donation flexibility.

Prevents data being shared with any site other than their own bank's secure site.